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Toon Cup 2019


The gameplay of Toon Cup 2019

Toon Cup 2019 invites you to participate in an exciting football league. Control your team to score many points by kicking a ball into the goalpost.

Choose between two game modes

When playing this game, you can easily realize they are a Quick Match Mode and a Tournament. If you are a beginner, you should choose the Quick Match mode. This game mode will match you with the computer player. In this game mode, you are not allowed to choose the character. All members in your team will be chosen at random. Meanwhile, the Tournament game mode will offer a football championship league. In this football championship league, you must represent any country in the world to compete with other countries. You must join four rounds including the qualifying round, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. You must try to enter the final round and become the champion.

Start your football league

This game is the fourth version of the Toon Cup series. This new installment allows you to join the thrilling football competition. In each football match, you will become the leader of a football team including three members. You must control these characters skillfully to kick the ball to the opposite team. You will get one point after completing this goal. A football match lasts 2 minutes, so you must be quick to score more points than your opponent. Sometimes, the blue boxes will appear and contain a lot of power-ups. You can collect them to activate the power-ups. Here is the list of power-ups that you can use.

  • Speed Boost: This power-up will help to increase your speed dramatically.
  • Shield: This power-up will help to protect you from the attacks of the opponents.
  • Shrink: After this power-up is activated, all members of the opposite team will become extremely small.
  • Freeze: This power-up will help to freeze all members of the opposite team for 5 seconds.
  • Lightning: This power-up will hit the rivals with the lightning, which helps to slow down them.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to control the characters to run around.

Hold the spacebar to prepare to kick.

Release the spacebar to kick the ball. ( Note that you should kick the ball when the riddle needle is in the blue zone.)

Reasons Toon Cup 2019 attracts many people

The global leaderboard

The first impressive thing about this game is its global leaderboards. This game offers three kinds of leaderboards including daily leaderboard, weekly leaderboard, and all-time leaderboard. The daily leaderboard will show off the names, scores, and ranks of top players in a day. The weekly leaderboard displays the names, scores, and ranks of top players in a week. Finally, the all-time leaderboard allows you to know who are top players at all times. You must join as many football matches as possible to accumulate as many points as you can. Your rank will increase when you get a high score.

Unlockable pictures

Like Geometry Dash Lite, this game also requires you to unlock some items. They are beautiful pictures displaying the characters in this game. You must try to win football matches to earn many coins. Then, use the coins to unlock pieces of the pictures. The picture will be completed when you collect enough pieces of the picture.