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Vex 3 Xmas


The new things in Vex 3 Xmas

Vex 3 Xmas is the Christmas version of the Vex game with new features. Guide a stickman to overcome many dangers to return to his home to celebrate Christmas.

New dangers

Christmas is coming, so the developer of the Vex series decided to release a Christmas version with the aim of celebrating this special event. Therefore, do not hesitate to invite your friends to play this game on Christmas. In this game, you must transform into a stickman who is on his way to return to his home to celebrate Christmas with his family. You must overcome many dangers. Besides common hazards such as sawblades, shurikens, unstable blocks, and spike traps, you also need to take caution with new dangers. They are slippery ice, gift boxes, and so on. These new dangers are designed for this new edition. Try to jump as high as possible, climb, run fast, or slide down to evade all dangers in the factory. Note that you need to reach the exit portal which will take you to the main hall. In the main hall, you also need to overcome many dangers to reach other Acts. After reaching your favorite Act, you can press a down key to enter the dangerous room of this Act and start your new adventure.

New background

The background in this game is decorated according to the Christmas topic. Therefore, you will see many Christmas trees, gift boxes, and LED lights along the way. Moreover, the stickman also wears a Santa hat. Everything in this game looks impressive. So, try playing this interesting adventure game now, and do not forget to check out Banana Duck.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to guide the stickman to run around, jump, and slide down the evade all obstacles.

When the stickman is swimming, press the left-right arrow keys to rotate him and press the up-down arrow keys to swim forward or backward.