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Vex 7


Vex 7 is a parkour game where you can encounter a stickman. In this game, you will control the stickman to jump, slide, and fly over many deadly traps.

How to complete levels in Vex 7

This game provides many different levels to you. Each level is considered as an action. You need to reach the endpoint to complete these levels. Besides this game, you may challenge your skills with a lot of levels in Geometry Dash Lite.

Keep the character safe

The character only has certain lives. If he runs out of lives, you must restart the game at the start point. Therefore, you have to keep the stickman away from danger. You can do some different actions such as jump, fly or slide to ensure you avoid all obstacles.

Coins and checkpoints

There are many coins on the way. Sometimes, collecting the coins is one of your missions at some levels. You just need to go through these coins to collect them. To continue the adventure, you should check the checkpoints. From that, you can replay at the last checkpoint if your character dies.

Fight with enemies

Besides obstacles, you may face some other stickmen who are your character's enemies. When you encounter them, you have two ways to tackle the problem. You can use the combo to beat them or dodge them. It's up to you. You should remember that these enemies can kill you with one touch.

The challenges players have to face in Vex 7

After you know the game rules, you should notice the challenges on the way. To challenge your skills, many unique traps and obstacles are designed in this maze.

Platforming challenges

The stickman loses in a maze that is created by many platforms. Besides the solid platforms to move on, there are many trap platforms. You may experience weak platforms, bounce platforms, etc. For example, you will fall into space if you stand on a weak platform for some second. The moving platforms require your accurate jump.

Deadly obstacles

The platform isn't the only challenging factor. The most difficult is the obstacles such as the spikes and saw blades. You need to find the best way to avoid them. Sometimes, you have to observe the movable obstacles to know their movement's rules. From that, you can have the correct moves.

Time pressure

At some levels, you have to complete the path in a certain time. This adds an element of urgency and requires players to balance speed and precision. Of course, these levels require quick reflexes and skillful control.

Game control:

  • Move Left: Arrow Key (Left)
  • Move Right: Arrow Key (Right)
  • Jump: Arrow Key (Up) or Spacebar
  • Crouch: Arrow Key (Down)
  • Interact: Enter or X key
  • Restart Level: R key.