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Viking Escape


Some facts about Viking Escape

The game rules

Viking Escape allows you to accompany the king on a thrilling journey in the forest. Support the King to avoid a lot of dangerous obstacles and deadly enemies.

The king and the flying dinosaur will accompany each other on this journey. You will control and guide these two characters to be able to go far and defeat other opponents.

You need to control the flying frame to move. You can fly up or down. In addition, you can move forward to avoid terrible monsters.

While sitting on the back of the flying dinosaur, you will assist the king in defeating other opponents. You need to defeat the enemies before they do. If you get hit multiple times, your energy will decrease. You need to maintain your energy to be able to go further and earn more points. Gold coins are also available for you. You should collect them.


W to fly high.

S to fly down.

A to fly back.

D to fly forward.

The spacebar to attack.

Some highlights of Viking Escape

The limited time

You only have more than 2 minutes to conquer this fascinating journey. You need to pay attention to the timer and try to score as many points as possible. Time pressure forces you to have a specific plan to overcome scary opponents. Do you know about avoiding opponents? You can refer to many tips and tricks before playing the game.

The achievement

Your score will be proportional to the distance you have conquered. Make intelligent decisions to be able to go further in the next play. You will receive a trophy for your efforts. It is an important indicator for you to compete with others. Good luck!