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Xmas Rooftop Battles


The playing rules of Xmas Rooftop Battles

It's time to join Xmas Rooftop Battles and prove your fighting skills now. You have to take down your rival by forcing him to fall off the rooftop.

The battle

This Christmas, let's come to the rooftop of the high building and embark on thrilling fights against other players now. You have to aim accurately and shoot at your enemy. Note that your rival will not get hurt when he gets hit. Instead, he will fly away and fall off the rooftop. You will score one point if your opponent falls off the rooftop. Your goal is to earn five points to become the ultimate winner before your rival does that.

The game modes

Three game modes including 2-player, Find Match, and Practice are available for gameplay in this game. If you are not confident in your fighting skills, you can choose the Practice Mode to practice with the CPU. Then, you can select the Find Match mode to play with a random gunner from all over the world. Or you can invite your friend to play this game with you and choose the 2-player mode. Note that you and your friend can use the same device and keyboard to play this game.



Press a W key to guide your gunner to jump.

Hold an E key and then release it to guide your gunner to shoot.


Press an O key to control your shooter to jump.

Hold a P key and then release it to control your shooter to shoot.