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Angry Birds: Halloween


The storyline of Angry Birds: Halloween

Angry Birds: Halloween is a fun game that combines Angry Birds and the atmosphere of Halloween. Save stolen eggs from the clutches of mischievous monsters.

Welcome to the exciting game. In the game, the storyline unfolds with a whimsical tale. The birds find themselves during a spooky Halloween night, where the nefarious pigs have donned devilish costumes and hatched a wicked plan to steal the precious eggs of feathered heroes.

As darkness descends upon the land, the birds embark on a daring adventure through a series of haunted realms, each more treacherous than the last. Guided by their indomitable spirit and unwavering determination, the birds soar through the eerie night, propelled by their slingshot toward the pig-infested fortresses.

With each level they conquer, the birds uncover clues and piece together the cunning scheme of the pigs. It becomes clear that the pigs, motivated by their insatiable greed, intend to harness the mystical powers of the stolen eggs to unleash chaos upon the world. The fate of Halloween itself hangs in the balance, and the birds must act swiftly to save the day.

Join the battle of Angry Birds: Halloween

The mechanics of the game

The objective is to launch a flock of courageous and determined birds towards a horde of devious pigs, who have cunningly hidden the stolen eggs amidst spooky structures and bone-chilling obstacles. With each sling of a bird, players must employ precise aim and strategic thinking to topple these fiendish fortifications and retrieve the precious eggs.

In addition, each bird possesses unique abilities that can be strategically employed to overcome the obstacles presented by the pigs. From the explosive Black Bird to the speedy Yellow Bird, you must carefully choose the right bird for each situation, maximizing their destructive potential and clearing the path to victory. You can train your shooting skills first by playing Pixel Shooter.

How to shoot

To use the slingshot, you will need to select the bird first. You can change the shooting order of the birds. You use them to destroy your opponent's base. You pull the birds back so you can align the shot. You can also change the direction of the fire before releasing the left mouse button.