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Pixel Shooter


Playable game modes in Pixel Shooter

Pixel Shooter is an awesome shooting featuring many interesting game modes. Fight against zombies or other shooters to become the best gunner.

It is time to show off the shooting skills that you practiced in Funny Shooter 2. This game offers two game modes in which you must complete different missions.

PK Mode

This game mode includes three sub-game modes which are Single Mode, Team Mode, and Bomb Mode. In the Single Mode, you will be matched with the other 5 shooters from all over the world. As soon as you enter the arena, you have to raise your gun and start to fight against other players in the arena. You must shoot down 10 shooters first to get the first rank when the fight ends. In the Team Mode, the fight includes two teams, and each team has three members. The first team who can eliminate 15 opponents will become the winner. In the Bomb Mode, you and the other two players will play as a team. Your goal is to defeat your rivals to stop them from planting the bomb within 45 seconds. If your rival planted a bomb successfully, you must dismantle it. Moreover, you also need to plant a bomb. This is a challenging task, so cooperate with your teammates smoothly to complete it.

Fight Mode

The second game mode in this game is Fight Mode. In this game mode, you are allowed to choose between four sub-game modes which are Space Mode, Flag Mode, Frag Mode, and Zombie Mode. In the Space Mode, you will join the shooting battle in the space in which you can jump super high. In the Flag Mode, you and your teammates must fight against the opposite team to get the red flag and protect the blue flag. In the Frag Mode, the playing field is the train. You and the other players must run and fight on the train. Be careful with the electricity columns. If you touch them, you will get an electric shock. Moreover, you are not allowed to use the gun in this fight. Instead, you are offered 20 bombs. Throw the bombs at your rivals to eliminate them. The first team who can defeat 10 rivals will become the winning team. The final sub-game mode is Zombie Mode. In this game mode, you and the other two players must join the zombie fight within 2 minutes. If you can shoot down more zombies than the other players before the time is over, you will get the first rank.


Press the WASD keys to move around and jump.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Press the spacebar to throw the grenades.

Daily reward in Pixel Shooter

  • Day 1: On the first day, you claim 500 coins.
  • Day 2: If you continue to sign in to this game on the second day, you will obtain a character.
  • Day 3: On the third day, you will get 200 diamonds.
  • Day 4: Play this game for four days to claim 3000 coins.
  • Day 5: On the fifth day, you will get 300 diamonds.
  • Day 6: If you play this game for six days, you will gain 5000 coins.
  • Day 7: The reward for the seventh day is a gun.