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Boxing Random


The gameplay of Boxing Random

Breathtaking boxing duals in Boxing Random are waiting for you. Participate in them now and try to knock out your opponent with one hit to gain many points.

The boxing battles

If you are a big fan of action games like Funny Shooter 2, I want to introduce this game. This two-player action game offers intense one-on-one boxing matches where you control your boxers and strive to defeat opponents. The game captures the essence of boxing, allowing you to unleash a flurry of punches, dodge attacks, and strategically block or counter your opponents' moves. The mechanics are typically designed to be accessible, providing an enjoyable experience for both casual and seasoned gamers..

How to control


Use a W key to jump and hit your rival.


Use an up arrow key to jump and hit your rival.

The game modes of Boxing Random

This game includes two game modes which are the 1 Player Mode and 2 Player Mode. The 1 Player Mode allows you to start your boxing career alone. Let's embark on a journey to become a champion, starting from humble beginnings and rising through the ranks. This mode allows you to face formidable AI opponents, adding a sense of accomplishment and progression. Meanwhile, the 2 Player mode enables you to compete against friends or other online players, fostering a sense of competition and social interaction. This game mode encourages you to showcase your skills and strive for the top spot. Whether it's the satisfying feeling of landing a well-timed punch, the excitement of progressing through a 1 Player mode, or the joy of competing against friends, this game offers a dynamic and enjoyable gaming experience. As the game continues to evolve and potentially introduce new features, it is poised to maintain its popularity and keep players hooked on its adrenaline-pumping boxing action.