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Buffy Cat


Simple mechanics of Buffy Cat

Buffy Cat is an interesting casual game featuring many levels. Destroy the platform to make the cute cat fall off and break all the balloons on the playing field.

Pop balloons

The cute yellow cat wants to destroy all the red balloons on the playing field. Can you help it? All you need to do is to destroy the platforms that the cat is standing on. After the platform is eliminated, the cat will fall off. You must make sure that the cat falls off the balloons to pop them. Sometimes, you can utilize the bubbles to make the cat fly up and destroy balloons. At some levels, there are springs that help cats jump higher. Utilize all objects in the playing field to help the cat destroy all balloons and win the level.

Unlock prize barrels and new balloons

If you win 5 levels, you are allowed to unlock a prize barrel. Besides, you should take control of the cat to collect as many bombs as possible. These bombs can be used to unlock the prize barrels. These prize barrels contain a lot of gold coins and limited masks. Besides prize barrels, new balloons are also the target that you need to get. You must win as many levels as possible to accumulate oxygens. When the balloon is full of oxygen, a new kind of balloon will be unlocked.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to eliminate the platform.

The shop in Buffy Cat

When you have a lot of coins, don't forget to visit the shop. Like the shop in Raft Life, the shop in this game also sells many items. They are cool masks. You must pay a lot of coins to unlock a random mask. Moreover, if you want to unlock the next one, the price will increase. After unlocking the masks, you can try them to make the cat prettier.