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Clarence: Scared Silly


The plot of Clarence: Scared Silly

Clarence: Scared Silly is a scary horror game about the adventure of Jeff. Go around to battle with scary creatures and collect pieces of the map.

This is one more product of Cartoon Network which developed Toon Cup 2019. This game is the new version of the Clarence series which features the Halloween theme. The story behind it is really interesting. The story starts when Jeff Randell stays at home alone on Halloween. When he is watching TV, he hears a strange noise. He enters his room and realizes that someone stole one of his toy boxes. Now, there are only 4 toy boxes left in his room. To find his toy box, he decides to go out and start his new adventure in the spooky midnight. Don't worry because he brings his toy sword.

The adventure in Clarence: Scared Silly

Find pieces of the map

You will play as Jeff in this game. Your mission is to collect all pieces of the map. There are a total of 10 pieces of the map. You must try to collect them to find your toy box. The adventure at midnight is really dangerous, so you must be careful. The way from the starting point to the destination is full of spike traps. You can not jump over them. Instead, you must find a way to eliminate them. The only way to deactivate the spike traps is to find the broken bricks. Some of them are hidden under the headstones. Therefore, do not hesitate to destroy all headstones that you see along the way.

Fight against scary creatures

Destroying the headstones can awake some spooky creatures such as bad-natured balloons and movable pumpkins, You must use your sword to fight against them. Note that you must take caution with the bricks that are marked with an X symbol. When you step on them, you are forced to turn back. This may be an opportunity for the spooky creatures to attack you. Therefore, you had better stay away from X bricks.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to control the boy to go around.