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Goober Dash


The gameplay of Goober Dash

Goober Dash is an exciting multiplayer running game with colorful graphics. Guide your bean character to run to the finish line before your rival does that.

Join the running competition

When playing this game, you are allowed to join the running competition with many players from all over the world. You must guide your bean character to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line before the other players in the same server do that. If you are the fastest runner, you will get the highest score and the first rank on the leaderboard. Actually, meeting this goal is a challenging task because the track is full of obstacles like spike traps and saw blades. You must jump and dash to evade these dangers along the way. Moreover, you can utilize the windy zones to fly higher to reach the higher platform. The competition has three rounds, so you must run quickly to be qualified to step into the next round. In the final round, your objective is to reach the finish line first to become the ultimate victor of this running competition. Besides, I want to introduce Temple Run 2 which is also an excellent running game.

Create your lobby or level

Because this game is a multiplayer game like Bloxd io, you can invite your friends or relatives to participate in the running competition with you. You just need to create a private lobby and send the link to this lobby to your friends or relatives. In addition, you can create your own level. You can arrange the positions of the obstacles, platforms, and windy zones. After that, you can save the level and invite other players to play it with you.

How to control

Press the left or right arrow keys to guide your character to run to the left or right,

Press an up arrow key or a Z key to control your character to jump up.

Press an X key to control your bean character to dash.

Customize your character in Goober Dash

You can visit the in-game custom store in which you can purchase new skins, hats, and weapons for your bean characters. Note that the weapons cannot be used to attack other players in the playing field. Additionally, you also need to use your coins to buy new emotes. These emotes can be used to express your emotions while you join the running competition. This is the best way to communicate with other players on the playing field.