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Idle Arks: Sail And Build 2


The gameplay of Idle Arks: Sail And Build 2

Welcome to the second installment named Idle Arks: Sail And Build 2. Let's cooperate with Cai to find resources and build a raft to survive on the ocean.

The plot

This game is the second version of Idle Arks. In this new version, you will have a chance to explore a new story of Ness. Ness is an adventurer in the ocean. When he and his crew are discovering the ocean. they encounter the storm. His crewmates are wiped out by this storm and only Ness drifts to an isolated island. After waking up, he sees an injured dolphin. He tries to treat this dolphin and they become friends. The dolphin takes him to travel around the ocean to find his crewmates. However, during the adventure, they see a fight between the pirates and two adventurers. He decides to help these adventurers to defeat the pirates. Unfortunately, these pirates kidnap the girl and escape. Therefore, Ness and the male adventurer named Cai have to find a way to save the girl. But first, they must try to survive in this ocean.

How to survive on the ocean

When playing this game, you can take control of two characters who are Cai and Ness. You must guide them to collect the wooden logs floating on the ocean. Then use these woods to expand your raft. Besides, you can catch as many fish as possible and sell them to earn more money. Besides expanding your raft, you also need to build a house, ponds, and many buildings. Let's play this game to experience a raft life.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the character.

The store in Idle Arks: Sail And Build 2

Like Raft Life, this game also offers a store. When visiting this store, you can use your coins to purchase many diamond chests and wood. Note that the diamonds can be used to purchase the necessary items or new characters. You can buy up to 9 characters and let them live on your raft. These characters will help you complete the work such as gathering resources, building, and catching fish.