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Lands Of Blight


The battle of Lands Of Blight

Are you ready for a thrilling fight against an unlimited number of monsters in Lands Of Blight? You are a hero who must defeat monsters to earn coins and gems.

Fighting against monsters

Like Funny Shooter 2, this game also takes you to an exciting fight. However, your enemies in the battle in this game are monsters such as skull soldiers, snakes, slimes, octopuses, and so on. This monster army comes and invades your kingdom. To protect innocent people in your kingdom, you must fight against the monsters. Let's click the Play button to start the fight now. As soon as you enter the arena, the monsters notice you and start to chase you. They will constantly approach and attack you. Therefore, you must run around at a fast speed escape from your enemies's attacks and stay safe at all times. While running, you also need to use your weapons to attack the nearby monsters. After your rivals are eliminated, the blue gems will be dropped. These gems can help to increase your experience score and raise your rank. Therefore, you must try to collect as many blue gems as possible. In addition, pay attention to the bottles and treasure chests in the arena. If you destroy them, you can claim many coins and hearts.

Choosing power-ups

Whenever you level up, you are allowed to choose one more power-up. The list of three random power-ups will be displayed and you have to choose one of them. Note that all power-ups are free and available to choose.

  • Chopper: You can throw the knife at random enemies
  • Lightning: Strike at a random area to destroy the enemies
  • Shuriken: Fire in the faced direction
  • Golden Ring: You can earn 10% more gold
  • Armor: Reduce incoming damage by 3
  • The Magnet: You can use the magnet to collect the items from a far distance.
  • The sandals: These power-ups help you accelerate your speed by 5%.
  • The sword: If you choose it, you can fire one more projectile.
  • The arrow: Buy as many arrows as possible to shoot down the nearest opponents.
  • The encyclopedia: It helps to raise your experience by 10%.
  • The bombs: The bombs can be used to explode the rivals.
  • The berserk: You can buy this power-up to raise your damage ability by 10%.
  • Rapid fire: You can purchase this power-up to reduce weapon cooldown by 10%
  • Eagle Eye: If you want to look further, you should choose this power-up.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to control the character to run around.

All characters in Lands Of Blight

Five characters including Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Wizard, and Paladi are available in this game. However, only the Warrior character is free at the start of the game. The other ones are locked, so you must use coins and raise your level to unlock these characters. To make your characters more powerful, let's use your coins to upgrade them. What is your favorite character? Play this game now because the endless fight is waiting for you.