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Lighthouse Havoc


The playing rules in Lighthouse Havoc

Join the fight for survival in Lighthouse Havoc now. Attempt to find the exit door of the lighthouse while battling with aggressive monsters in this place.

Try to escape from the lighthouse

Imagine that you get stuck in a lighthouse this Halloween. Now, you must find a way to escape from this lighthouse as soon as possible. This is a challenging task because the lighthouse is full of monsters. When you make noise, they will rush to you and attack you. Fortunately, you are armed with a sniper rifle. Hold this gun and shoot down any monsters approaching you. Note that your gun has 1000 bullets. Therefore, you should try to find the exit door before you run out of ammo. You can look at the mini-map at the top left of the screen to identify the positions of the monsters. The red dots display the position of all monsters in the lighthouse. Besides, when go down the stair, you should be careful. Try not to fall off the stair if you do not want to die soon.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move around.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Use the mouse to control the camera view.

Hold the Shift + Up arrow key to run.

Hold the right mouse button to aim.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Press a Z key to go down on your knees.

All levels in Lighthouse Havoc

Like Run Run Duck, this game offers many levels. Specifically, you must complete 8 levels when playing this game. Note that the higher the level, the more dangerous the fight is. You must encounter more monsters when stepping into higher levels. Therefore, I advise you to practice your shooting skills to defeall all monsters in this game. No one can stop you from reaching the exit door. Besides, because all levels in this game are locked, so you must play them in order to unlock them.