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Paper Girl


Exciting gameplay of Paper Girl

Paper Girl is an endless driving game featuring colorful graphics. Help the girl evade the obstacles along the way and throw the newspapers into the mailboxes.

Deliver newspaper

In this game, you will play as a paper girl whose mission is to deliver newspapers every morning. You ride a bicycle and go around the town to deliver newspapers. Whenever reaching a house, you will need to throw a newspaper into this house's mailbox. Note that you should aim accurately. Try not to throw them too early or too late. If you can deliver a newspaper successfully, you will be rewarded with 100 points. Besides, you should pay attention to your inventory at the top left of the screen. When you run out of newspapers, you should collect them along the way.

Take caution with dangers

In addition, you also need to watch out for obstacles along the way. These obstacles are oncoming cars, motorbikes, traffic barriers, traffic cones, dogs, puddles, oil puddles. and so on. You must ride to the left or right to avoid hitting these obstacles and falling off. Moreover, the further you can go, the faster your riding speed is. Riding at a fast speed while dodging the dangers can be a challenge for you. This requires you to react quickly. As soon as you see the hazards, you should plan to move to the left or right in advance. Like Electron Dash, the road in this game is also endless. Therefore, do your best to go as far as possible to gain the highest possible score. When the game ends, your score will be the total of the distance you go and the score that you earn after delivering the newspapers.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move the left or right.

Press the spacebar to throw the newspaper.

Hold an up arrow key to increase the speed dramatically.