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Rolling Halloween


Join the adventure in Rolling Halloween

Are you ready for a thrilling adventure with a pumpkin in Rolling Halloween? Evade headstones and haunted trees and collect as many skulls as possible.

Roll as far as possible

If you do not have any plans for this Halloween, you should try out this game now. In this game, you will transform into a haunted pumpkin. Your destination is the spooky forest. In this forest, you will see many headstones and haunted trees. They are really dangerous, so you should stay away from them. You can jump over the headstones. However, for haunted trees, you should roll to the left or right. Note that if you hit the obstacles three times, your adventure will end. Besides dodging the dangers along the way, you also need to gather as many skulls as possible. These skulls can be found easily along the way. Finally, like Electron Dash, the track in this game is also endless. Therefore, your ultimate goal is to roll the furthest distance to explore the spooky forest.

Collect the power-ups

Besides skulls, the power-ups are also collectible items. There are four types of power-ups in this game.

  • Magnet: The magnet will help you collect all nearby skulls automatically.
  • Wings: If you can collect the wings, the pumpkin is able to fly in the sky. Note that when flying in the sky, the pumpkin will not encounter any obstacles. Instead, it can collect more skulls.
  • Shield: This power-up will help to protect the pumpkin from the dangers along the way.
  • Heart: You should try to collect this power-up to have more chances to live after crashing into obstacles.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press the spacebar to restart the game.

The shop in Rolling Halloween

In the shop, you can upgrade three power-ups which are Heart, Magnet, and Shield. Each power-up can be upgraded to level 3. After being upgraded, the duration of their effects will rise. Therefore, you can use them longer. Moreover, when visiting the shop, you can use your skulls to purchase new skin for your character. Two skins including Ghost Ball and Eye Ball are sold at different prices in the shop. The Ghost Ball costs only 1000 skulls while the price of the Eye Ball is 200 skulls. You can buy your favorite skin before starting the new adventure.