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Run Panda Run


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Embark on exciting adventures with a cute panda in Run Panda Run. Guide the panda to run to the furthest place while collecting as many coins as possible.

Start your adventure

The panda wants to explore the forest, so can you help him? Your task is to help the panda run to the furthest place in the forest. This is not a challenging task. All you need to do is to click the left mouse button to control the panda to jump as high as possible to overcome all hazards along the way. Your score will be calculated based on the distance you have run. It means that you must run as far as possible if you want to gain the highest possible score. Besides, coins along the way are also your target. You can find them while running in the jungle. You should collect them if you can. Try to gather as many coins as possible.

All hazards along the way

Dangers are an indispensable element in every adventure. Like Sticky Run, in this game, you will encounter many dangers that stop you from running far. Here is the list of hazards you can meet during the journey.

  • Stones: Although these stones are not too big, they can hurt you. Therefore, you should jump as high as possible to evade them.
  • Snowman: The snowmen appear along the way. If you touch them, the adventure will end. Therefore, try to jump over them,
  • Penguins: You can meet many penguins while running. They do not move, so you must jump over them.
  • Bridges: The bridges are potential dangers in this game. They will break as soon as you step on them. Therefore, you should not go through the bridges. Instead, try to jump over them to reach another mountain.
  • Leaps between mountains: They appear frequently in your adventure. You must jump over them to avoid falling into them.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to control the panda to jump.

Effective Tips for Run Panda Run

  • Look at the warning boards along the way. These warning boards will appear when you are about to reach obstacles. You can look at them to know which obstacles are in front of you.
  • Do not jump too early. You should jump over obstacles when you are about to hit them.
  • React quickly. The further you run, the more dangers you will encounter. This requires your quick reflex to evade numerous obstacles and reach the furthest distance.