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Space Bubble Hero


The mechanics of Space Bubble Hero

Participate in Space Bubble Hero to test your shooting skills. Your task is to shoot down all bubbles to move the following level before they reach the bottom.

Bubbles are stacked at the top. They are attached to a bar to prevent them from flying out of space. Your task in this game is to shoot at the bubbles to make them disappear. Note that they can only disappear after you match at least three bubbles of the same color together. Therefore, you need to aim properly to shoot. Pay attention to the position of the balls above to come up with a strategy.

You can absolutely become a good shooter if you play the game better. You can also practice other skills with Funny Shooter 2. Good luck.

The game has bright graphics and vivid sound. When participating in the game, you will be motivated when you get a high score. The game also offers a lot of challenging levels. Make an effort to unlock all.

Some tactics to level up in Space Bubble Hero

Shoot at the space

In the cannon, you can see the color of the next bubble. So you can choose the next target to shoot. You can completely take advantage of it to play games better. However, if you don't want to use that bubble, you can shoot it into space. It will float away without clinging to any other bubbles.

Shoot the bombs

On the playing field, you will see a few bombs appear. You should shoot at them to remove many bubbles at once. Bombs give you many benefits. You will prolong the bar's descent. As a result, you can prevent them from reaching the bottom. Your adventure in the space will end if these bubbles touch the bottom of the screen.