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Vegas Clash 3D


The gameplay of Vegas Clash 3D

Vegas Clash 3D is a new version of the Clash 3D game series. This game will take you to Las Vegas city where you must fight against the police.

The shooting fight

Like Funny Shooter 2, this game also offers a breathtaking shooting battle. In this game, you will visit Las Vegas city which is famous for its luxurious casinos, hotels, and criminals. You will play as a criminal of a gangster group and battle with the police force of the city. Don't worry because you are equipped with a powerful gun. Your mission is to follow your teammates to run around the city and enter different casinos and hotels to find the policemen. When you find them, you must immediately raise your gun and shoot down them to get points. You should eliminate as many policemen as possible to help your team gain a higher score. When the time is over, the team with the higher score will become the winner and can dominate Las Vegas City. If you win, you will be rewarded with many gold coins which can be used to upgrade your health and guns. Moreover, if you win 100 shooting battles, you will claim two golden guns. After completing the fight in this game, you can check out The Bandit Hunter to practice your shooting skills.

How to control

Press the arrow key to control your character to run around the city.

Use the spacebar to guide your character to jump.

Click the left mouse button to shoot down your foes.

Hold the right mouse button to aim at the enemies.

All achievements in Vegas Clash 3D

This interesting shooting game offers 9 achievements. They can be completed while you join the shooting fight. Here is the list of achievements in this game.

  • Make a first kill.
  • Win a match.
  • Make a deadly headshot.
  • Achieve 10 team victories.
  • Achieve 25 team victories.
  • Achieve 50 team victories.
  • Kill 10 enemies.
  • Kill 50 rivals.
  • Murder 500 opponents.