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You Vs 100 Skibidi Toilet


The fights between You Vs 100 Skibidi Toilet

Are you ready for the battle between You Vs 100 Skibidi Toilet? Try to survive as long as possible and eliminate 100 enemies to earn a lot of money.

This game is inspired by Skibidi Toilets, so the characters in this game are the cameraman and many Skibidi toilets. You will transform into a cameraman who is equipped with many types of guns and grenades. Your mission is to run around the arena and shoot down the Skibidi toilets. Note that there are a total of 100 rivals. It means that if you want to win the fight, you must eliminate all of them. Because they will actively chase after you and attack you, you need to combine between escaping and fighting. Do not let yourself get stuck in a crowd. Moreover, the number of bullets for each gun and the number of grenades are limited. Therefore, you should aim accurately and shoot down the opponents with the fewest shots. Make sure that you will not run out of bullets until you eliminate all the enemies in the arena. After winning the fight, you will obtain a lot of money as a reward. You can use this money to purchase new guns in the shop. Besides, you can purchase new clothes and heads in the appearance shop. Play this game now and show off the fight skills that you learned in Bacon May Die.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to control the cameraman to run around the arena.

Press the spacebar to guide the cameraman to roll, jump, or climb.

Click the left mouse button to shoot down the Skibidi toilets in the arena.

Press the 1, 2, and 3 keys to change the weapons of the cameraman.

Hold the right mouse button if you want to aim accurately.