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Winter Clash 3D


The fights in Winter Clash 3D

Are you ready for the fights between Santas in Winter Clash 3D? This great game requires you to eliminate members of the opposite team to help your team win.

This game is the new version of the Clash 3D series, but it still has the same gameplay as other versions such as Vegas Clash 3D. In this interesting game, you will transform into Santa. This Christmas, you do not need to send gifts to children. Instead, you must pick up your gun and fight against the thieves who want to steal your Christmas gifts. Let's run around the arena, find these thieves, and shoot down them. Don't worry because other Santas in your team will assist you in eliminating the enemies. The fight will take place within 3 minutes. Your goal is to cooperate with other Santas to take down as many rivals as possible to become the winning team. You will be rewarded with a lot of money and stars after getting a victory in a battle. It is possible to say that this is an opportunity for you to show off the shooting skills that you learned in Funny Shooter 2.

How to control

Press the arrow key to guide the gunner to run around the arena.

If you want to aim and shoot down the enemies, click the right and left mouse buttons.

Guide the character to jump high by pressing the spacebar.

New things in Winter Clash 3D

This game features a new background. In this game, the arena is a big forest which is divided into two parts. There is a river in the middle of the forest. If you want to overcome the river, you must jump on the slanted board. In addition, you can see many Christmas trees, gifts, ice houses, and sparkling lights in the arena. It is possible to say that this game is a great choice for you to have fun with your friends this Christmas.